Supplications at the End of Gatherings of Sacred Knowledge

The following is the last part of the Habib Abdullah bin Hasayn bin Tohir‘s Hadiyah as-Sadiq, commonly read as a closing supplication at gatherings of sacred knowledge (click to listen recitation):

يَا رَبَّنَــا اعْتَرَفْنَـا بِأَنَّنَـا اقْتَرَفْنَـا

وَأَنَّنَـا أَسْـرَفْنَـا عَلَى لَظَـى أَشْـرَفْنَا

فَتُـبْ عَلَيْنَـا تَوْبَـهْ تَغْـسِلُ كُـلَّ حَوْبَـهْ

وَاسْتُرْ لَنَـا العَـوْرَاتِ وَآمِـنِ الرَّوْعَـاتِ

وَاغْفِـرْ لِوَالِـدِينَا رَبِّ و َ مَوْلُودِينَــا

وَالأَهْـلِ وَالإِخْـوَانِ وَسَــائِرِ الْخِــلاَّنِ

وَكُـلِّ ذِي مَحَبَّـهْ أَوْجِيْــرَةٍ أَوْ صُـحْبَهْ

وَالْمُـسْلِمِينَ أَجْمَـعْ آمِــينَ رَبِّ اِسْمَـعْ

فَضَلاً وَجُـودًا مَنَّـا لا بِاكْتِـسَابٍ مِنَّـا

بِالْمُـصْطَفَى الرَّسُـولِ نَحْظَى بِكُـلِّ سُـولِ

صَلَّى وَسَـلَّمْ رَبِّـى عَلَيْـهِ عَـدَّ الْحَـبِّ

وَآلِـهِ وَالـصَّحْبِ عِدَادَ طَشِّ الـسُّحْبِ

وَالْحَمْـدُ لِلإِلَــهِ فِي البِدْئِ وَالتَنَـاهِي

O Lord, we admit that we have committed sins
And that we have exceeded the bounds
(Such that) we are on the brink of a blazing fire
So turn to us with a repentance
That washes away every wrongdoing
And conceal our faults
And calm our fears
And forgive our parents and our children
And our family, our brothers and all our friends
And all those we love and our neighbours and companions
And all the Muslims
Amin! O Lord, hear our petition!
Out of Your grace, Your generosity and Your favor
Not because of our own actions
Through the Messenger, the Chosen One ﷺ
Bless us with all we ask for
My Lord, bestow peace and blessings upon him ﷺ
To the number of every grain
And upon his Family and Companions
As much as rain falls from the clouds
And all thanks and praise be to Allah
In the beginning and the end


Ustaz Yasser Masni reciting the closing supplication from Hadiyah as-Sadiq @ Masjid Mujahidin, Singapura – listen to recitation here

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