Intentions for Attending a Gathering of Khayr

Yemen-Daurah-332Intentions for Attending a Gathering of Khayr [1] from Habib Sa’ad Al-Aydarus’ Book of Intentions

  1. To conserve one’s time
  2. To follow the command of the Prophet ﷺ
  3. So that Allah will not miss you where He has commanded you to be
  4. To draw closer to Allah, the Majestic
  5. To purify your inward
  6. To increase the number [attending such gatherings]
  7. To be in a good state if death were to descend upon you
  8. To be attached to the people of virtue
  9. To defeat Satan, the nafs, passions and all desires for base things
  10. To imitate the angels
  11. To raise one’s degree with Allah, Most High

[1] The word “khayr” in Arabic means good or goodness. A majlis of khayr is a gathering of goodness established upon, and in accordance with, the Qur’an and the Sunnah and in which sacred ‘ilm is taught, studied, practised and encouraged or the name of Allah is remembered.

نيات حضور مجلس الخير

   نويت حفظ الوقت وامتثال أمر الحبيب صلى الله عليه وسلم ، وألا يفقدني الله حيث أمرني ، والتقرب إلى الله عزوجل وتصفية باطنه ، وتكثير سوادهم وأن أكون على حال طيبة إذا نزل عليّ الموت ، والارتباط بأهل الخير والتغلب على الشيطان والنفس والهوس والدنيه ، ومشابهة الملائكة ، ورفع درجته عند الله تعالى

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