Biography: Al-Habib Muhammad Al-Aydarus

Name: Muhammad bin Abdullah bin Ali Al-Aydarus
Birth: 12 April 1973 (corresponding to 10 Zul-Qa’da 1393 AH)
Marital status: Married with five children.

• He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Islamic Jurisprudence and Law from the Faculty of Sharia in Al-Ahqaff University in Tarim, Yemen.
• He also studied in Rabat Tarim (local Islamic institution) where he learned under the tutelage of a number of esteemed Islamic scholars of Tarim.
• Among his teachers include the Mufti of Tareem; Al-Habib Ali Al-Masyhur bin Muhammad bin Salim bin Hafidh and Al-Habib Umar bin Muhammad bin Salim bin Hafidh, Al-Habib Hussein bin Aydarus Aideed, Sheikh Fadl bin Abdul Rahman Bafadal, Shaykh Muhammad bin Ali Al-Khatib, Shaykh Muhammad bin Ali Ba’udhon, and the Egyptian Scholar, Shaykh Ahmed Ali Taha Al-Rayyan and others.

• He has been an Islamic leader, lecturer and have been teaching for two years in the town of Al-Shihr, Hadramout in Yemen.
• He was appointed as Superintendent for Abu Maryam, Centre for Memorization of the Holy Quran, Tarim.
• He has participated in several conferences in Yemen and abroad including Indonesia, Malaysia, Egypt and the UAE.
• He was invited as Speaker in Yemen and abroad, including Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Ethiopia, the Comoros, the Gulf States, Japan and some countries of Europe, Southeast Asia, South Africa, Egypt and others.
• He was invited a guest and participated in a number of programmes in the Sciences of Islamic knowledge and da’wah programs in the UAE and Oman.
• He has participated in several radio and television programs in several countries.

Current role:
• He is a Lecturer at Dar Al-Mustafa for Islamic Studies in Tarim, Yemen.
• Aside to lecturing, he also holds other positions and roles in Dar Al-Mustafa
o Superintendent of the Department of Da’wah
o Member of the Fatwa Division in Dar Al-Mustafa.
o Superintendent of the administration in Dar Al-Mustafa.

His works:
He has authored a number of Islamic texts of which many has been published which has been used as reference for many Islamic students and some texts which are in the midst of publication.

These includes;
• The Study of Ramadhan for the Nation of Muhammad صلى الله عليه وسلم (printed).
• Folding publication of 10 Lessons (printed).
• Unveiling the secrets of Umrah and Visitations (printed).
• The Path to knowing the As-Siddiq’s country (not printed).
• The succinct summary in Facilitating Preaching as an Individual (printed).
• The Knowledge of Management & Administration – legitimacy and principles (printed).
• Illuminating the Seekers of guidance – Stories of Ihya Ulum Ad-Deen (printed).
• The mirror is magnified with the meanings of the bully
• A catalyst that illuminates the role and practice of the teacher and mentor.
• Imam Ali amongst the companions of the Prophet pbuh (not printed).
• The middle path between the valuable and the worthless (not printed).
• The Rejection of the refused (not printed)
And among others.