Habib Kazim Al Saqqaf’s Pre-Khutbah



Translation of Habib Kazim Al Saqqaf’s Pre-Khutbah At Masjid Hajjah Fatimah on 11th August 2017

Allah says in the Quran that His Rahmah encompasses all things and He has made rahmah incumbent upon himself.

Everytime we open the Quran we read the basmalah first which contains His attributes of Rahmah.

“We saved Hud by our Mercy…
Likewise other Prophets were saved by His Rahmah when He sent His punishments upon certain nations.
Allah said to this effect, “We admit him into our rahmah”

His Rahmah cannot be encompassed by our intellects.

His Creation of us is from Rahmah

Every believer should prepare to receive His Rahmah and seek places and people on whom His Rahmah descends.

Upon entering the mosque we recite Allahumaftahlii abwaba rahmatik seeking His rahmah.

Likewise in Ramadhan, the Prophet s.a.w. said the gates of rahmah are opened.

The Quran is shifaa for all (from diseases of the minds and soul) and rahmah for the believers.

Likewise when we perform the tawaf therein His Mercy descends as mentioned by the Prophet s.a.w.,
120 rahmah descend at the dacred mosque,
60 for the people who are doing tawaf
40 for those praying and
20 for those merely looking at the ka’bah.

A way to attain rahmah is to show rahmah to others. Like visitng the sick and praying for them. For kids by taking care showing love and teaching them.

Muhammad Al-Baqir said if a person shows rahmah to his child Allah will have rahmah on him even though it is a natural rahmah towards one’s own child.

A man said to the Prophet s.a.w. and saw him playing with his grandchild and kissing him that he does not kiss any of his 10 children the Prophet s.a.w. said,… “Whoever does not show rahmah will not be shown rahmah.”

When people used to travel on camels etc. they used to show mercy upon animals by allowing them to rest and eat drink etc.

Show mercy upon women by showing gentleness and treat them well. This is part of Islamic teachings.

Islam is a way of rahmah as Allah made wajib upon Himself rahmah.

“O My servants I made oppression prohibited upon Myself.”

Some muslims of the past show rahmah to insects and they used to put food for insects to eat.
In dry seasons they would show rahmah to plants by pouring water on them.

The great scholars would read the hadith of rahmah before beginning their lessons.