Counsels of Habib Abu Bakr Al-Masyhur to Students of Sacred Knowledge

14657505_10154072727086733_9060669798080406304_nSayyidil Habib Abu Bakr Al-Adniy bin Ali Al-Masyhur says:

One is not a true seeker of knowledge if one doesn’t have an a routine of tasks (wazifah pl. wazaif) allocated for his time. Know that such a person (who doesn’t have wazaif) is not a true seeker of knowledge. If we plan our tasks well, we will reap the fruits of our labour and know that the greatest of times is the last part of the night. Ask yourselves about your conditions at the end of the night? At this time there is a special gift, a special gaze (nazr), a special merit to be granted; so be from among the special people to Allah s.w.t (ahl al-khususiyyah) and preserve your remembrances (zikr pl. azkar) and your mandatory duties (wird pl. awrad). 


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