Reminders for Callers to Allah

Habib-Kadhim_2012-11-13The following is a summary of the reminders of Ad-Dai ila Allah Al-Habib Musa Kazim bin Ja’afar As-Seggaf to Callers to Allah

  1. Fulfill the Role of a Da’i (a caller to Allah) – There is a path of da’wah (calling) [1] and a path of fatwa (legal edicts). So bear in mind that you are a da’i not a mufti and, as a da’i, your role is to call the people gently to the deen and be mindful not turn them away from it. Find the most palatable of solutions for those who seek your counsel that draws them closer to the deen and not turn them away from it. Imam Al-Ghazali warns us of the Hakim Jahil (Ignorant Judge) in his primer in Islamic spirituality, Bidayatul Hidayah – someone entrusted with a position of influence but does more harm than good. The da’i who dispenses counsels inappropriately to those seeking his counsel is akin to the Hakim Jahil leading the people astray with his counsels
  2. Rid Yourself of Destructive Traits – Da’is must take the means to rid themselves of destructive traits lest they get drawn into vile acts like competing with one another in da’wah (missionary work) when they should be helping each other in it. One of the means of ridding oneself of destructive traits is reading the Ihya Ulumuddin of Imam Al-Ghazali. If you sense yourself being affected by the destructive traits like kibr (arrogance), ujub (ostentation), hasad (envy) etc., then read a portion of the Ihya for it is cure for the heart’s ailments

This reminder was dispensed on 21 February 2016 at a private function of da’is and students of Sacred Knowledge in Singapore.

[1] Note: Habib Kazim was speaking in the context of da’wah ammah [general calling] rather than da’wah to students of Sacred Knowledge.


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